VET Student Loans

Is VET Student Loans right for you?

We worry about getting a job; just the word job is uninspiring, it sounds boring, even hard.  We understand life isn’t one constant party, however, when you think about your future do you just want a ‘job’ to earn money, or live to fulfil your dreams and maybe even change the world.

So, ask yourself the question; is VET Student Loans [formerly VET Fee Help] for me?  Do I want to graduate free from financial burdens and be confident to fulfil my dreams as a designer or do I just want to get a ‘job’ to pay the bills?

There are lots of questions about VET Student Loans [VSL] and many people are asking why VSL course costs are so inconsistent and inflated across different Registered Training Providers for the same Design courses.

These are some of the things we discovered . . .

  • VSL debt is an official Commonwealth Government financial burden officially registered on your credit rating.
  • The VSL process and legal obligations are confusing and life changing.
  • Rate of repayment of VSL debt is 4% of total income up to 8% accumulated.
  • VSL loan has a 20% loan fee plus a CPI [email protected] 30/6 to cover inflation on balance each year.

Hunter Design School offers you a totally different approach . . .

By contrast, course fees for programs at Hunter Design School do not have a VET Student Loans option and deferral of debt with all those constraints.

HDS has a simple, easy to understand and manage, one off, up front payment plan with no additional interest that allows students to continue their Design journey without a longer term financial burden.

Course fees are set, realistic of resources, consistent with professional standards, competitive with quality course content, and support the enhancement of Design professionals and industry standing of our Educators. Fees are set at a level to encourage and enhance student participation in a friendly, supportive, fun filled, purpose built, refurbished studio learning environment that specialises in Design.

. . . and at the end you graduate and get to travel the world, start your own freelance business or potentially end up with some of our amazing industry supporters without a high interest debt.

If you still require financial assistance, perhaps try a student loan from some of the larger financial institutions and save up to 16% interest on VSL.  We recommend CBA as they have some great options; check them out here.