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Fila Brand Activation Header. Shopfront image of the NYC pop-up

POP-UP DESIGN || Fila Explore

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Fila Explore launch is the perfect example of what happens when you combine the idea, product and design all into one.

Combining the skills of graphic designers and event stylists to create an emotive illusion for all the senses. This campaign takes you on a journey to explore the Canyons, Woods, Mountains, and Elements in style.


FILA EXPLORE wayfinding and clothes display

Activation by FILA snow moutains backdrop with mirror

FILA EXPLORE In-store pup-up


Event and graphic design is about more than a connection to a product, but rather an emotion to an experience!

As designers, when you evoke an emotion for the audience you leave a lasting memory or moment. When brands create their campaigns, this is exactly what they try to do. The aim is to create an environment where someone is able to emotionally connect with a product or lifestyle.


 “Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”
-Jamie Paolinetti


Fashion brands understand the power of design. They utilises these tools to create a wow moment for everyone. The Chanel Spring/Summer 2012 and Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion shows definitely did not disappoint.


Chanel Spring/Summer 2012 catwalk and set design

Chanel Fall/Winter 2010/11 set design and catwalk

When you combine graphic and event design you are able to create an experience that transports people.

For event and set designers making sure that the design is functional, as well as visually interesting is just as important. It’s all about how people move through the space and where the drama happens.

Graphics design helps create a visual experience that enhances how we communicate with others. It helps bring fashion concepts to life by creating micro-experiences within the overall design.


Fila Explore used all of these elements when designing their new product launch. By using pop-up shops to build a sense of excitement and exclusivity.

Along with its mix of fun graphic design elements you are left with the ultimate level of FOMO!


FILA explore gemetrics shaps lilacs and pinks



READY TO START YOUR CAREER IN GRAPHIC DESIGN? CUA40715: Certificate IV in Design (Graphic Design)
READY TO START YOUR CAREER IN EVENT DESIGN?CUA40715: Certificate IV in Design (Event Styling)
IMAGE SOURCE: High Snobriety
TableScape Heading

EVENT STYLING | Creating A Tablescape

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Want to know how to create a gorgeous tablescape for your next dinner party?

With event sizes still limited to smaller numbers, what better time to host your own dinner party! Whether you’re hosting an intimate wedding reception, or an outdoor picnic don’t underestimate the power of a great design.

A simple scattering of candles mixed with a linen napkin can bring a design to life. The Melbourne Planner shows us how it’s done with this beautiful tablescape.

The Melbourne Planner Tablescape  The Melbourne Planner Tablescape 2 The Melbourne Planner Tablescape 3

Floral arrangements will never go out of style for events. However, the perfect styles and colour palettes change with our tablescape every season.

With Spring around the corner these soft pastels and burnt oranges create a feast for the eyes.



Start with your favourite mix of organic shaped plates and crystal wine glasses.

Find a style or theme that reflects the mood and atmosphere you want to create. From floral centrepieces to linens, a beautifully styled table can really set the scene for any celebration. Have fun with it!

Plates  Plates and crystal



Take your table setting to the next level by experimenting with layers.

Layers give your table settings depth and detail, which creates interesting and engaging visuals. Layering your textures, materials and décor elements like plates and linen napkins work beautifully to add visual interest. However, don’t forget to keep your design practical for your guest.




Make your tablescape seriously impressive by incorporating different heights. Adding details like floral centrepieces, candles and table numbers allow you to play around with varying heights.

Event Stylist are able to create spaces that feel lush, full and interesting by using these elements.

If your design looks a little bit flat or bare it’s time to level up and create that instagrammable dinner party moment for your friends and family.


Want to learn more about design for events? Enquire about our Event Styling course below!
Certificate IV In Design Specialising In Creative Styling for Events

Emma O'Byan wrapping paper


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Introducing Emma O’Bryan, the Student Spotlight for August.

Emma is one talented designer! Currently halfway through her Certificate IV in Design (Graphic Design) course, we caught up with Emma and asked her to share an assessment with us.  Read on to find out about her new skills and see how she expresses her creative personality through design.


Emma O'byan picture


What inspires you?

I’ve always been a sucker for great branding. I find that I am more likely to buy or pay attention to a product if the branding is good!


What do you wish to accomplish with your designs in the future?

As I come from a marketing and communication background, I am sure graphic design will always play a part in my work.

I feel like doors are already opening for me since starting the course. I’ve made two wedding invitations plus a logo and branding. I have also started drawing pictures of people’s dogs.

By December I know I will have the confidence and knowledge to potentially produce for other people. I am excited to see where the wind takes me with my designs.


Emma Obryan pricess diaryEB Process Diary EB Process DiaruEB Process Diary sketches

What is the learning process like at HDS?

No two weeks are the same at HDS. We are always learning something new and interesting. To be honest, I have enjoyed pretty much everything we’ve studied!

I love working with both of my trainers, Jennifer and Katrina. They are both so knowledgeable and have definitely opened my eyes to parts of design that I had never previously considered.

Gift wrap final


What has been the most exciting thing you have learned or felt since starting the course.

Learning to use Illustrator has been life changing for me, I use it almost every day.

It has been so exciting to create my own vector images. As I mentioned above, I’ve also started drawing people’s dogs which in brings me so much joy.


Any advice for aspiring students?

If you’re like me and has considered taking a course for a while, just do it!

I thought about doing a graphic design course for a number of years, and since starting with HDS in Feb I haven’t looked back.

I was passionate about design before starting the course but lacked confidence in my abilities. Now I feel like I have that confidence and am seeing myself achieve so much more than I ever anticipated.

Emma OBryan dog vectorEmma O'Bryan dog vectorsEmma O'Bryan dog vectors

Thank you Emma O’Bryan for sharing your work!

Certificate IV in Design Specialising in Graphic Design 
Mudgee Blog Header


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This year our Diploma of Interior Design students were given the amazing opportunity to work alongside Premier Tennis. The goal was to come up with a fun, creative design for the Mudgee Tennis Club.



Melanie and her husband Mario recently took over the local tennis club. With a dream of seeing their love of Mudgee and tennis combine into the perfect mixture for this country town.

It’s not just about tennis for this couple but about supporting local winery’s and other small businesses in the area. Their aim is to help enrich this community and its tourism.

Tennis in the Vines



The brief called for a design that represented Mudgee and its growing sporting culture. With a new design and Melanie’s passion this tennis club is sure to become a key fixture in Mudgee.

This is where our Hunter Design student’s come in. After a few renovations and fresh ideas this building is sure to come back to life.


Mudgee Tennis Club



Congratulations to Kayla Rodway for your winning pitch for the renovations to the Premier Tennis Club!

Kayla took inspiration for her design straight from the tennis court itself. Referencing the use of line, that is not only seen on the court, but in the net and even on the tennis ball.

Kayla’s used this element to allowed her design to connect to each space. With this in mind the design allowed every room to have its own individual feel and identity.

On the 14th of June 2020 Hunter Design School visited the The Tennis Club to officially present the winning design. Along with this presentation Kayla and the other HDS representatives helped the Tennis club put together their upcoming promotional display for the ‘Tennis in the Vines’ concept.


Mudgee Tennis Club moodboard

Mudgee Tennis Club one-point perspective drawing

Mudgee District Tennis Club one point perspective

Kids corner one point perspective drawing

STUDENT Kayla Rodway
COURSE MSF50218 Diploma of Interior Design 2019/20

EVENT | The Big Picture Fest Newcastle

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Watch Newcastle’s streets transform during The Big Picture Fest Newcastle. The world-renowned street art festival is coming to Newcastle, 2-4 October 2020.

Over three days in this large-scale street art festival will bring world class artists to showcase their work alongside local talent. Artist talks, walking tours, skateboarding, music, and workshops will mean everyone can be entertained along the way.


fintan mageeFintan Magee
Sydney based social realist painter, specializing in large-scale murals.







Paintings, murals and illustrations.






Bronte NaylorBrontë Naylor
Since 2011, she has been exhibiting her illustrative works in galleries and as large-scale artworks in public spaces.





Brett PivaBrett Piva
Contemporary artist and curator based on the east coast of Australia.





Ellie Hannon The Big Picture Fest NewcastleEllie Hannon
Ellie traverses the fields of painting, drawing, ceramics and assemblage in her art practice, exploring memories and experience.





Vans The OmegaVans The Omega
Contemporary Visual artist from South Australia.






Ian McCallumIan McCallum









Olas OneOlas One
Since 2008 Olas One has been shaping his graffiti art into conceptual murals, with music sub-cultures, neo-traditional tattoo motif & the natural beauty of his local coastal environment being his strongest influences.




Tom HendersonTom Henderson
Based in Newcastle and fresh off the back of his second solo show ‘Consolidations’. Tom brings bold illustrative pieces into the world.




Patricia Van Lubeck The Big Picture Fest NewcastlePatricia Van Lubeck
Owner of Studio Amsterdam, Maitland. Patricia’s recently created oil paintings are all about ‘individualism’. Human characteristics translated into slightly neo-surrealistic landscapes.




Jordan Lucky The Big Picture Fest NewcastleJordan Lucky
A Nelson Bay born artist raised by both Newcastle and Port Stephens, Jordan has a strong connection with the cities architecture and a profound appreciation of the regions wealth of natural beauty.





Sophia FleggSophia Flegg
Artist, writer, mess maker based in Newcastle.










The Big Picture Fest is set to be the biggest event in Newcastle this year, offering a social-distancing friendly event that can be enjoyed by all members of the community. COVID-19 safety measures will be in place in all areas of the festival in compliance with all NSW safety laws. The event will be spread across several sites in the city, with capped numbers on gathering in each place. Newcastle is a large city and there is plenty of room to watch the art go up on walls in your own space.



Presented by Newcastle Afoot and supported by the City of Newcastle official event partners (platinum sponsor) and the Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation.


Stay tuned for 2 more artists to be announced!


IMAGE SOURCES The Big Picture Fest
Japandi Blog Header

JAPANDI | A Hybrid Blend of Perfection

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Japandi Style is the combination of Scandinavian and Japanese Design. It showcases a focus on function driven spaces while highlighting beautifully crafted statement pieces.



This trend has slowly been gaining appreciation over the last few years, with design experts predicting its rise in 2020. So, let’s break this style down.

Japanese interiors showcase a timeless sense of elegance with a sleek minimalist style. Its use of rich tones breaths warmth into spaces that could otherwise feel quite cold and bare. While Scandinavian design highlights the use of rustic elements that uses a mixture of neutral hues, woods and pops of pastel accents.

Japandi design stands out from other Scandinavian or Nordic design trends as it’s a little less casual and a little more sophisticated.

The mixture of these two styles allow for the perfect blend of minimalism and warmth. While also shining a light on its underlining emphasize on sustainability as it turns away from fast fashion and extensive décor items.


 Image 3 image 5



When designing a space using this style, Japandi rooms commonly start with a darker neutral base. Then through integrating a mixture of light natural woods, and darker black hues allows for contrast and visual interest.

Accent colours for soft furnishings are normally seen in a monochromatic range that allow these rooms to create a sense of harmony. However, a few vibrant colours can be added through natural sources such as house plants and other greenery.


 Image 5 image 7



Japandi is also seen as more than just an interior style or trend but as a philosophy.

The Japanese ethos of Wabi-Sabi shows beauty in imperfection, while including elements of simplicity, intimacy and the integration of natural objects. This ethos perfectly describes this design principle.


image 6


It’s easy to see why this style has been gaining so much attention over the last few years. With its effortless sense of sophistication and comfort I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of Japandi style in the coming year!


HEADER IMAGE Live for Interiors

GRADUATION | elevate 2019 student awards

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Thank you all to our wonderful students of 2019 and to our sponsors, Havwoods, Polytec and Bristol Paints, for making another incredible graduation ceremony.

Our graduates received their certificates, with a few extra special awards on the night.

HDS Awards 2019

Top Student Interior Design Katie Jones
Deadline Destroyer Mary Ann Dawson

Left to Right: Donna Burrell, Director; Kari Macchiavello, Havwoods; Katie Jones, Mary Ann Dawson

Top Student Allyson Gardiner
Runner Up Kylie Evans

Diploma of Graphic Design Top Student Chloe Hincks
Diploma of Graphic Design Runner Up Monica Harrison

Left to Right: Kylie Evans; Allyson Gardiner; Monica Harrison; Chloe Hincks; Katrina Henningham, Course Coordinator

Industry Awards 2019

Winner Tyler Davidson
Runner Up Kayla Rodway
Encouragement Award Jasmine Schuberth

Left to Right: Donna Burrell, Director; Nigel Buckton, Earp Bros Tiles; Tyler Davidson, Kayla Rodway

Winner Kylie Evans
Runner Up Allyson Gardiner
Runner Up Kerri-Anne Ward

Left to Right: Rob Wilce, Inner City Winemakers; Kylie Evans, Allyson Gardiner, Kerri-Anne Ward, Katrina Henningham, Course Coordinator



AWARD WINNING DESIGN | inner city winemakers

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Each year Inner City Winemakers partner up with HDS to deliver a live brief to our Certificate IV in Design specialising in Graphic Design students. Students are given the opportunity to design a wine label for a new season wine, with the winning label going into production!

Inner City Winemakers Runner Up 2019 Allyson Gardiner Inner City Winemakers Runner Up 2019 Kerri-Anne Ward
Runners Up 2019:  Kerri-Anne Ward and Allyson Gardiner


Director and Winemaker at Inner City Winemakers, Rob Wilce, revealed to the 2019 class that they would be designing for an Italian red, Sangiovese.


CertIV Graphic Design 2019 - Inner City Winemakers - Liana Corbett CertIV Graphic Design 2019 - Inner City Winemakers - Renee Bell
CertIV Graphic Design 2019 - Inner City Winemakers - Darcy Lloyd CertIV Graphic Design 2019 - Inner City Winemakers - Catherine Wardly
Liana Corbett, Renee Bell, Darcy Lloyd and Catherine Wardley


Sangiovese is a light bodied wine, which makes it the perfect red for drinking in summertime. Rob wanted the label to reflect Newcastle in the summertime, and appeal to a market that enjoys weekend lunches spent with family and friends.

A big congratulations to Kylie, whose design took out the top spot!

Winner ICWM 2019 Kylie Evans
Winner 2019 Kylie Evans


Certificate IV in Design specialising in Graphic Design

COMMUNITY | naked for change calendar

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Naked For Change charity calendar is helping to raise funds for domestic violence victims. The calendar features our very own HDS trainer, Kim Stenhouse of Hunter Valley Bouquets.

naked-for-change_img1 naked-for-change_img2


The project was created and fuelled by Ashleigh Palmowski of The Naked Florist, and features 12 nude florists, seven of them based right here in the Hunter.

Palmowski put the call out to florists to collaborate in a cheeky yet tasteful nude photoshoot with the aims of raising funds and support for women and families affected by domestic violence.

Each florist was able to chose their photographer, creative team and a scene. This creative freedom produced 12 unique looks as each participant allowed their own personality or floristry style come alive and shine.

The result of 44 creatives working together is the liberating Naked for Change calendar.

In an interview with the Newcastle Herald, Palmowski shared:

“Our biggest aim is to raise money and awareness for Got Your Back Sista, although we are also promoting and encouraging conversation.”



Got Your Back Sista is a local Hunter charity, which supports women and families affected by domestic violence. Their vision is to see women and their children happy, thriving and living independently after escaping the trauma of domestic violence.

As such, Got Your Back Sista offers benevolent relief and support to women and children escaping domestic violence and are at risk of living below the poverty line. GYBS give a hand up for them to begin again and live independently.

The Naked for Change calendar costs $20 with all proceeds going towards Got Your Back Sista.

The calendar is available at Flower HQ, Newy Burger Co, Kinfolk Barbers, Floweresque, Piccottee Floral, Blooms On Darby, Newcastle Flower Markets, Worn Out Wares, Pearsons Darlinghurst, IF The Florist, Caves Coastal Bar and Bungalows and The CoWork Space Cessnock.