diploma of interior design


Diploma of Interior Design

The central aim of this Nationally Accredited Diploma is to give students the practical knowledge and skills to design innovative spaces, select suitable furniture and their placement, how to dress a room and excellent knowledge on lighting design.

The Diploma of Interior Design course builds on the foundations of Certificate IV in Interior Decoration. Following from residential design, the Diploma of Interior Design continues work and study across into commercial projects. The Diploma moves deeper into specifications, CAD, joinery, architectural styles and design theory.

Many opportunities are provided for students to push their comfort zones and to move from common to courageous designers who achieve distinctions within the industry.  

“Every room needs a slap in the face”

Diploma of Interior Design- material boards Diploma of Interior Design - gradutation

Units of Competency

BSBDES302 Explore and apply the creative design to 2D forms
BSBDES303 Explore and apply the creative design process to 3D forms
BSBDES502 Establish, negotiate and refine a design brief
MSFID4013 Design residential interior lighting​
MSFID4014 Produce digital models and documentation for interior design projects​
MSFID4016 Design colour schemes for interior and exterior spaces​
MSFID5020 Design residential interiors ​
MSFID5021 Evaluate site structure and services for interior design briefs​
MSFID5022 Explore and apply creative design methodology to interior space
MSFID5025 Develop residential interior design project documentation​
BSBCRT501 Originate and develop concepts​
MSFGN4001 Research and meet ethical and compliance requirements
MSFID4021 Research and recommend furniture and accessories​
MSFID5018 Provide interior styling service ​
MSFID5019 Decorate interiors for restoration projects​
MSFID5024 Design for small to medium scale commercial or institutional interior​
MSFID5027 Research and recommend colour
BSBCRT402 Collaborate in a creative process​
BSBDES304 Source and apply design industry knowledge
BSBDES305 Source and apply information on the history and theory of design
BSBDES401 Generate design solutions​
BSBSMB420 Evaluate and develop small business operations
MSFID4012 Decorate residential interiors​
MSFID4015 Prepare materials and finishes boards for client presentation​
MSFID4017 Research and recommend furniture and accessories​
MSFID4018 Research and recommend hard materials and finishes for an interior​
BSBDES602 Research Global Trends​

Who is this course for

Anyone wanting to start out in the industry.

Gain work with an established firm as an in-house designer or be your own boss- the choice is yours!

Possible career outcomes after completing the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration include, but not limited to:

  • Interior Designer
  • Residential and/or Commercial Property Stylist
  • Colour Consultant
  • Commercial / Freelance Consultant in industries such as; furniture, soft furnishings, fabrics, lighting

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements.

Course Duration


Applications Open for 2021.
Starting February 2021.

12 months, 3 days per week: 9:30am-4pm Monday, 10am – 1pm Tuesday and 6pm – 9pm Thursday.

The course is mixed mode delivery of 456 hours of face-to-face learning over 38 weeks, plus additional self-directed study of 26 hours per week.



Applications Open for mid-year 2020.
Starting July 2020.

24 months, 1st year, 1 evening per week: 6pm-9pm Wednesday

2nd year, 2 evenings per week: 6-9pm Tuesday and Thursday

The course is a mixed mode delivery of 342 hours of face-to-face learning over 38 weeks, plus additional self-directed study of 20 hours per week.


Included is a design text book that covers the principles of design.

Art kit to get you started.


Students will be assessed throughout the course on a combination of both research assignments and practical projects.