HDSCC: Part-time

Colour Consulting Diploma

Thirty weeks of Intensive Colour Training positions students at the forefront of the industry.

Dedicated solely to the trade of a colour consultant, this course is uniquely designed to develop a deep understanding of colour, colour effects and palette building.  

Colour and its application impacts the visual and psychological, effecting the client, users, architecture and surrounding environment. Become a master colourist,  understanding how to use colour confidently and with expertise, precision and perfection while maintaining the ability to create amazing and inspiring colour combinations.

Units of Competency

  • Introduction to colour and the role of the Colour Consultant

  • Create a colour wheel specific to residential and commercial spaces

  • Colour complexity and the effects of colour

  • The relationship between tone and colour

  • Build colour palettes

  • Elements and Principals of Design

  • Colour scheme development

  • Psychology of colour

  • Master the powerful effects of colour on the human psyche

  • Research, analyse and apply colour for interior spaces

  • Working with the client and taking the brief

  • Paint types, application and techniques

  • Specification design

  • Historical colour palettes

  • Render a colour scheme for client presentation

  • Consulting on commercial projects

  • Effective communication and presentation design

Course Duration

3 months; 1 evening per week; Thursday 6 – 9pm


Students will be assessed throughout the course on a combination of both research assignments and practical projects.


Included is a design text book covering the principles of design.