Introduction to Certificate IV in Design

Specialising in Graphic Design

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

This is going to be an incredible 4 weeks of discovery; learning more about the history of your Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and design trends, followed on by comparing and applying those trends to your 21st Century design work.  Extend your knowledge of creative software as part of your project work. and experience the thrill of presenting your finished product to your peers. Each week you will  practice new skills in class and be given a self-directed project to complete for the following lesson.


Taught by passionate tertiary and industry trained professionals, students will learn practical skills in technical and conceptual design to finished art.

Week 1:  Discovering the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture & design

Week 2: Modern history & theory of design;  creating a design/designers timeline – hand-drawn / paste-up; how do we apply our indigenous history/design in the 21st Century

Week 3: Learning the basics of Creative Software; commence digitising the timeline

Week 4:  Complete the timeline.


“Start with big dreams, by the time I’m done with you,

you’ll know how to make it happen”

Where will this course take you?

This introduction course will spark  your journey into the exciting world of design!

We aim to evoke your curiosity about the fundamentals of design; encouraging disruptive concepts and methods.

On completion you will achieve competency in one unit from the Certificate IV in Design specialising in Graphic Design.


Units of Competency

BSBDES305: History of Theory & Design

Who is this course for

Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders with a desire to create and innovate.

Course Duration – 4 weeks

Starting Thursday 3rd May 2018

4 weeks, Thursday, 10am-1pm.


Students will be assessed throughout the course on a combination of both research assignments and practical projects.