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Hunter Design School Open Day

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Interested in knowing what it is really like to be apart of Hunter Design School? 

The Hunter Design School Open Day will give you the chance to explore and discover your creative future. 


EXPLORE HDS purpose built, brand new, exciting studio spaces

DISCOVER what you could achieve through our current and past students projects

MEET our current and past graduates, gain an insight into what they are doing and where they are going.

GET CREATIVE join the journey of design through paper folding

BE INSPIRED as we hear from leading local interior design and HDS principal, Donna Burrell, as she shares her journey and how your journey can begin


WHEN Saturday 30 August from 9am – 4pm


WHERE 67 Parry St Newcastle West


RSVP hello@hunterdesignschool.nsw.edu.au or register here as part of the design+ event 


for more info, please call 02 4915 7007 or contact us below


Contact Us

Experience Japan

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After an exciting 10days touring Japan, our students are bubbling with tales of exotic foods, perfect design and architecture, stunning scenery plus a little retail therapy and misfortunes. 

PLUS an extraordinary guest speaker, Stephen Scrogings, who will be sharing with us on ‘The Mysteries of Japan and Art’


Come experience their adventures through their stories and colourful photographs.




Be sure to reserve your seat hello@hunterdesignschool.nsw.edu.au


DAY TRIP – Sydney Indesign

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Once again a few students jumped on the train to head down to Sydney Indesign.

Racing around on the free buses to where the showrooms were scattered throughout Alexandria, Surry Hills, Chippendale and other surrounding suburbs. They opened their doors for an exciting program of product launches, guest speakers, collaborations and parties.

The showrooms displayed the most beautiful array of textures and colours where we were able to talk all things design with the staff and other budding designers.

A few of our highlights were….

Furniture and homeware haven, Planet, celebrated individuality, texture and beautiful materials by hosting noted potter Kris Coad, demonstrating hand-throwing porcelain techniques as a catalyst to discuss the process of design. We also were able to make fabric badges from vintage Japanese fabrics, which we proudly wore all day.

The Reece showroom was transformed into a Swiss Alps paradise, this is where some of us had a memorable experience  meeting (and had a photo taken) with the amazing Shayna Blaze and Darren Palmer.

The Galleria hosted installations of breathtaking innovation and technical sophistication from numerous design studios. Here we took part in entering competitions such as designing a tile pattern for Surface Gallery.


At Inlite, we were overwhelmed by the sizable creations of Christopher Boots. Accompanying the product was the new-look creative campaign, a titillating series of provocative photography inspired by ancient, mystical gods and goddesses. Here Arna found her new home in an amazing inflatable gold room featuring  more oversized lighting.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to be apart of whole 3 days and visit everyone but the day was filled with so much fun, food, wine and inspiration.

Opportunities at 67 Party St

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The Hunter Design School is excited about the opportunities that are surrounding their new building in Parry St . . . Sometimes spell check writes PARTY ST.  and yes it is going to be one big creative party up there with all the new and exciting businesses and studios joining the neighbourhood.  These include photographers, graphic designers, film producers, dancers, architects, designers, design students, raw food café, restaurant and music along side the existing visionaries, Earps, Classic Cedar and Audi.

The Hunter Design school is however looking for the right partners to join them in the Designers Collective and street front retail shop which is now up for lease.  We are ideally looking for a creative shop offering beautiful things for the home.

If you are interested in joining this dynamic design precinct and discover the clientele that visit this little nook, give Donna a call on 0408 185 788.


Thank you

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During our break we have been busy building our new studios.
With the help of some amazing volunteers and suppliers, we have been able to complete the studio at a rapid speed and with some awesome fixtures and finishes.

We would like to acknowledge and thank those who have been so supportive……

Plus our wonderful volunteers….

  • Stuart Janes
  • Ana Saiao
  • Jeffrey Paget
  • Shane Burrell
  • Luke Burrell


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Hunter Design School has had an exciting temporary move to the east end of Newcastle.

With some beautiful new neighbours from Crown Coffee, Asa Don Japanese Restaurant, Greys General Store of Design and Hunter Valley Design. We will however dearly miss our Hunter St neighbours from Subo, Imprint and Mezzanine Media.

We thank everyone who made our Hunter St Studio awesome, we look forward to the next new adventure in creating the most exceptional  studio in Newcastle.

So to find our interim studio you will need go up the street to 181 King St. We are next door to Tower Cinema (previously Greater Union) and Asa Don Japanese Restaurant.

Postal correspondence can be sent to PO Box 301 The Junction NSW 2291

Office hours are now: Wednesday’s 1pm – 5pm & Thursday’s 10am – 4pm

WORKSHOP Designer Tips and Secrets

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Designing your own home can be tricky but with this NEW workshop we can help you unlock your creativity and discover how to create mood and style in your home.



  • Colour discovery
  • Building Colour Schemes
  • Design Keys and Principles
  • Planning your Furniture Placement


course duration

Join our 4 week program starting on Teusday evenings 2nd October 2012

Contact us at hello@hunterdesignschool.nsw.edu.au for an application form


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Since leaving school, I have had a varied career path. From Hairdressing to night club security, I have been looking for a career to satisfy my passions.

While living and working abroad, I submerged myself in the many different cultures that were as far removed as possible from my own. I enjoyed everything about these countries the smells, the food, the colour, the art and simply experiencing the everyday lives of the people.

This experience really stimulated my mind and creativity, so when I returned home I wanted to bring all I had learned into my world.

Along with my partner we started to buy old homes and renovate. Sometimes restoring to original features and sometimes blending the old with the new and modern. I made the decision that this was my new career and then had to find a way to learn all there was to know about the industry.

I was lucky at this time to be introduced to Donna and The Hunter Design School. I started studying first the foundation course and then followed with the diploma in colour and design.

I loved every minute of my school life and every week I was learning something new. I was able to stretch my mind and unlock the creativity that many of us have hidden away.

Since, I have started my own colour and design business that is growing steadily. Thanks to my study and life experience, Spice by Jodi can offer colour consultation, Interior Design and Styling and in partnership with my husband building project management.

If Interior Design is something you have always wanted to do check out the Hunter Design School, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Jodi Thomas

DESIGN FOCUS Olympic Icons

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The centrepiece of the London 2012 Olympic Games, the Olympic Stadium in Stratford will be able to accommodate up to 80 000 people throughout the Games.

A functional, rather than necessarily a beautiful design, the stadium has been designed with legacy and flexibility in mind – when the Games finish it will be converted into a 60 000-seat sporting arena.

The Stadium is on an ‘island’ site, surrounded by waterways on three sides so spectators will walk across one of five bridges to reach the venue.

And as with all stadia, there are plenty of impressive sounding statistics. Stadium designer Populous – a specialist in sports architecture – says the venue features 50km of seats lined up side by side, and glass balustrades in 56 different colours.

Above this bowl is the main stadium structure – featuring the temporary upper seating tier – which is made from tubular steel. Seats are in black and white, to allow the Olympics branding to stand out.

External colour is provided by an exterior wrap, which will circle the entire stadium. Initial talk suggested that this would either be made from a sustainable material, or take in interactive elements. Last year Dow Chemical announced it would sponsor the wrap.
The wrap has been designed by artist Sophie Smallhorn and installed in a project with a total cost of £7 million. It is formed from canvas banners that run from the top to the bottom of the stadium’s exterior, creating 300 ‘doorways’.
The wrap uses the four main brand colours of the Olympics logo – green pink and orange – with each colour designating one of the four stadium entrances.

Part of the roof’s supporting structure is 2,500 tonnes of steel tubing recycled from old gas pipelines.

Watch more at http://www.channel5.com/shows/megastructures-londons-olympic-stadium

The very first instruction to designers of London’s Olympic cauldron was a blunt directive: no moving parts.
What resulted was an elaborate creation involving 204 moving pieces, each representing the coming together of the competing countries.

Creator Thomas Heatherwick said Saturday that test runs on the cauldron were done in secret in the north of England before the assembly was brought to the stadium and discreetly tested this week — but only after airspace restrictions prevented news helicopters from getting an advance look.

Heatherwick said the design sought to project a world unified by sport.

Petal-shaped heat elements made from hammered copper were created for each country and then carried into the stadium by children during the parade of countries. At the end of the games, each of these petals will be given to each nation and the cauldron would ‘dismantle itself’ and disappear.

“We were aware that cauldrons have been getting bigger, higher and fatter as each Olympics has happened and we felt that we shouldn’t try to be even bigger than the last ones,” he said.
“It didn’t feel enough to just design a different shape of bowl on a stick, and so we were trying to think from the most fundamental where – as much as how – as much what, and working with Danny [Boyle] on who would make this happen.”
He said that the concept of having no cauldron, “the stadium having no ‘thing’ in it”, was how he approached the design.
He was aiming for “these 204 very small, humble objects where they come together and rise, rear out of the surface of centre the stadium”.

The copper petals were made by traditionally skilled craftsmen of the sort who used to roll sheet metal to make body parts for car makers such as Bentley, according to Heatherwick.
The cauldron was made by Australian firm FCT Flames, which specialises in the design, manufacture and operation of flame effects for ceremonial events.

The Olympic Torch has been the most visible of the London 2012 Olympic design icons in the run-up to the Games.

Since starting its journey around Britain on 19 May, the torch has rarely been out of the newspapers, and we’ve had a rare opportunity to see an Olympic design go through product testing in front of a national audience.
We already knew that Barber Osgerby’s torch – winner of the Design Museum’s Design of the Year – was a beautiful object, but now we’re getting to see whether or not it’s fit for purpose.

The torch – which is made from an aluminium alloy and weights in at just over 1kg – seems to have held up pretty well to the British ‘summer’. This is despite the fact that, unusually, you can see through the holes punched in the torch to the burner unit.

In fact, these holes are the key design element of the torch: 8000 of them to represent the 8000 torchbearers who will carry it around the country.
The Guardian has had a good stab at identifying all 8000 of these torchbearers. It says that although all 8000 are named on the Locog website, there are 500 ‘mystery torchbearers’ whose biographies aren’t included.