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Rule Breaker: Florence Broadhurst

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It’s an accomplishment in itself to impact your time & generation, but to have enduring popularity and style, which exceeds trends and decades, is an incredible feat. Imagine if the work you created today shaped the industry you work in 50 years from now. Such a remarkable achievement can be claimed by the influential Queensland born designer, Florence Broadhurst, best known for her recognisable wallpaper designs.

Florence’s story began in rural Queensland, where she was born and raised on a cattle farm. Although Florence did not let this stop her from making a name for herself; trotting the globe as a flamboyant performer, a music & dance teacher in Shanghai, socialite, an influencer and an international business and studio owner at the age of 60!

We believe there’s a lot you can learn from the trailblazer that is Florence Broadhurst and the power of being a creative rebel!

Florence shook the Australian design industry in more ways then one. After Declaring “Australia to be afraid of colour” she set out to revolutionise the conservative design industry of her time. With notorious ambition, Florence launched her handprint wallpaper studio in Sydney, going on to produce over 500 top-selling wallpaper designs.

Florence revolutionised wallpaper design, by abandoning the conventions of mass production and traditional. Her prints known as ‘vigorous designs for modern living’ launched the industry into new horizons, transforming spaces into luxurious, timeless and artistic living areas.

We love how Florence wasn’t afraid to question the industry, pushing the boundaries and captivating attention through the bold, brash, scale and colour of her designs, which were far beyond of her time. We believe that you have the creative power to disrupt the industry and fuel innovative theories, ways of thinking and doing for not only this century but centuries to come, if like Florence, you aren’t afraid to step outside of the norm and break, redefine and transform the rules.



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Creative Rebel: Ana Saiao

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When your creative confidence is pushed, simply push back harder.

Ana Saiao wasn’t always a jeweler, colour consultant or interior designer. Before moving to Australia in 2010 Ana was living and working in Portugal as a Pharmacist. A career, which she was encouraged to pursuit under the guise of her parents, who believed that she, could never have a creative career. This was mainly due to the high academic and research based education system in Portugal, which places high recognition on careers in medicine and law. Ana found herself trapped between two worlds, her dream of working in the creative industry and reality.

After moving to Australia Ana, decided to dive into the creative industry, defying her family’s expectations, studying a Certificate IV Design in Colour and Design at The Hunter Design School.

This course embraced Ana’s unique eye of colour, texture and form, equipping her with the skills and knowledge to transform her passions into a successful and progressive business in the form of Tuga by KZ and career as our extraordinary Cert IV in Design trainer at The Hunter Design School.

Ana is proof that you should never give up on your dream when someone pushes your creative confidence. You have the power to change the industry, transform interactions, challenge the status quo and shift perceptions, so why give up on your dream because some said you couldn’t do it? We dare you to push back harder, make a difference and convince them they’re wrong!


ana2 ana1

Sources: Tuga By KZ

Industry Game Changer: Marcus Westbury

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Marcus Westbury, a revolutionary writer, broadcaster and director is responsible for some most innovative and progressive cultural events and projects, across Australia.

Returning home to Newcastle in 2008 after living in Melbourne, Marcus was horrified by Newcastle’s urban decay, describing how streets that he had previously remembered to be “vibrant, active, and filled with family and friends had fallen into disrepair and despair.”

These experiences lead Marcus to create ‘Renew Newcastle’, the urban renewal project, which is rescuing run-down vacant buildings, scattered around our city into unique spaces for creative enterprises, artists and cultural projects. Check out the images below to discover how our city has evolved over the years with the help of Renew.

We love how Marcus is a catalyst for change. His revolutionary idea has transformed Newcastle’s creative and cultural scene, opening an array of possibilities and opportunities. Like Marcus, you too can change the game, all it takes is an idea and action. You have the creative power to stifle complacencies, which stops creativity dead in its tracks.

Newcastle before Renew:

2009+Empire+Site 2008+Aug+Upclycing2008+Aug+Pawnbroker


Newcastle today:


Vitullo-Art-The-Emporium-Edwina-Richards-Photography-2153-1024x683 rn-185HunterSt-121011-pcMarniJackson-130121-pcBoonyLoahajaroenyot Screen-Shot-2015-09-14-at-12.05.45-am

Sources: Renew Newcastle & Marcus Westbury

Revolutionary: Harry Seidler

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Harry Seidler, the man who revolutionised Australian Architecture.

Since his passing, Harry Seidler continues to remain one of the most influential and controversial figures in Australian history. Harry based his work on three key principles: social use, technology, and aesthetics. Striving to challenge conformity beyond societal conventions and assumptions.

Harry Seidler’s infamous 81 metre, Blues Point Tower apartment block is a powerful example of this goal. The apartment block thrusting up from McMahon’s Point, Sydney harbor was the first tall building to be registered under the Strata Titles Act. Although continues to be wildly regarded as “one of the ugliest buildings in Sydney” due to modernist design and continues to have numerous calls to tear it down.

A more famous piece of architecture is the Rose Seidler house, the most talked about house in Sydney back in the 1950’s. Again, Harry took architecture to a new level, introducing open plan, large spans of glass and low pitched roofs. Completed 65 years ago, architecture now resembles many of the elements Harry challenged and forged. Ideas that have revolutionised how we design today.

In order to achieve great design, we believe you must challenge perceptions, inspire original ways of thought and revolutionise the standard way people see the world around them. In our opinion, Harry Seidler’s infamous Blues Point Tower and the famous Rose Seidler house are just two of the many designs that have achieved this. Whether you love it or hate it, you cannot deny its innovation.

Like Harry, strive to take risks, challenge your perceptual capabilities and others and become a revolutionary.



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Experience & Shop Japanese Locally

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Newcastle has an array of beautiful items inspired by Japanese design and some great Japanese experiences. These are a few of our favourite things…

the ‘wanderlust dress’ by Wanderlust Clothing



sweet earrings from Short Story available at Blue Star Element

blue star element



cute cards and pop up boxes by Purple Paper Card Creations

nami cards


handprinted swooning crane cushion by Plumtart exclusivly available from Monsoon Living

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 10.25.47 AM


Ambiente Cross floor lamp avaliable from InsideOut

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 11.20.46 AM


experience authentic Japanese food at Asa Don…(this has been tried and tested way too many times)

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 10.28.45 AM

be apart of traditional drumming sessions with Tyke-Oh Japanese Drumming





Meet Jodie

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Jodie Duddington

Jodie Duddington is a local interior designer in love with Newcastle, it’s art and it’s culture.

Jodie works on a wide range of projects including luxury yachts, commercial fit outs, residential interior design and furniture design. 

SUPER YACHT - Necker Belle

She also loves music, contemporary figurative art and cooking. 

Jodie Born

Now that she has returned from Borneo after trekking 106km through the Jungle to retrace the steps of her Great Uncle in WWII, we have the privilege of Jodie joining us to help train our design students.

See Jodie’s portfolio at duddingtondesign.com.au


One Sketch a Day by Charmon Deen

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Having previously studied illustration, I started the year long challenge of ‘One Sketch A Day’ to get back into drawing.

I came across the ‘One Sketch A Day’ Visual Journal on Instagram and was inspired by all of the different approaches people took to the challenge.

photo1 photo2


Inspiration for my sketch’s usually come from nature and my surrounding environment, whether it’s in a book, a photograph or out in the field.

To challenge myself, I have a time frame of 10 to 30 minutes to have it completed although some take a little longer.


photo5 photo7


After completing study at the UON and HDS and now working in the design industry, my ‘One Sketch A Day’ has been a great way to continue to explore and expand my creativity.


photo3  photo4 

To see more of Charmon’s work, find her on facebook or instagram


Inside Industry with Mokum

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Mokum is know for having a fresh and orginal designs in wallpaper and textiles. They have over 30 years experience in design, development and distribution in delivering a comprehensive collection.

We are excited to annnoce that they will be sharing with us new fabrics and trends that we are all going to love!

Plus a second suprise speaker who will share their love for colour and adding it into their interior design jobs.

Come join us on Monday 26th March
555 Hunter St Newcastle

Please RSVP to hello@hunterdesignschool.nsw.edu.au as seat numbers are limited.