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I’ll say it, I love Minimalism. It’s a design style that encourages a lifestyle. It’s not for everyone, but it works it’s magic on people feeling a little weighed down by All. The. Stuff. Fear not cushion lover. Minimalism is a style that can be adapted to suit your current lifestyle, including your plush pillows.



To get started on your new minimalist interior (and life!), there is an essential step: the clean out. Getting started is the hardest part. Set some guidelines for what you will and won’t keep. The two most important rules most minimalists adopt are: does this item bring me joy or is this item useful? If the item can satisfy one or more of those criteria, it stays and, on the flipside, if it doesn’t satisfy the criteria, it’s got to go! There’s so much satisfaction in knowing that your home is a carefully curated sanctuary, perfectly reflecting your needs and interests.



Minimalism isn’t about throwing away all your earthly possessions and feeling deprived. You absolutely should keep the items you love but ensure that items you don’t cherish anymore (or didn’t even to begin with) aren’t sticking around and weighing you down. Invest in quality pieces that you can see yourself keeping for 20 years. Sure, the initial outlay of money is greater, however choosing a style that is simple (and most importantly, that you love!) will ensure longevity and work out more economical in the long run. 


To get the most out of your newly refreshed space, keep the colour palette simple and cohesive. Note: this doesn’t rule out colour. Greys, blues and greens work a treat in minimalist interiors as they are calming, but still somewhat visually stimulating. Keep your furniture quite neutral in colour, adding colour by using art and soft furnishings. 



Minimalist interiors can be interpreted as cold or harsh without the addition of the right soft furnishings. Adding colour and texture using soft furnishings will create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. The right balance of textiles is essential as if you use too many in the space, it’s not really minimalist anymore. Carefully edit the space but keep in mind the need for texture and warmth.


I love to read so I love my books and the way they look. I find comfort in having them in my home.

Minimalism isn’t about owning nothing, its about valuing all your possessions and knowing they add to your life rather than burden it. Keep your spoon collection or your Superhero Figurines. These items tell a story of who you are and what you love, so feature them in your home.

Ultimately, minimalism is a choice to live life with less to enjoy more time with the things (and people!) you love. 


Research and written text by Kate Batten

Celebrating 60 years of the Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chair

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Originally designed by legendary Arne Jacobsen in 1955, the Series 7 chair has been the single most poplar design piece in the history of Republic of Fritz Hansen. Through decades the strong, minimalist shape has stood the test of time. In fact, Republic of Fritz Hansen feels so strongly about the translatable nature of the original model, they have changed nothing about the design.
3107-anniversary-4  BWI_SERIES7_LUNCH_18 BWI_SERIES7_LUNCH_8

Contrasts are the keyword in the 60th Anniversary Edition – it is all about contrast, both in materials, surfaces and colours. The two chairs has been created with a masculine or feminine perspective – as a deep dark blue shell with powder coated legs in a burnished look and a pale pink shell with gold-plated legs (24 kt). While the deep dark blue and the pale pink may contrast each other, they are also two colours that when combined, both display a calming and elegant look.

3107-anniversary-1 3107-anniversary-2 3107-anniversary-3

Find out more at Cult Designs 




Nicole’s Journey

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After working in Real Estate for many year I developed a strong interest in property and homes.  

  cloth 2 cloth 10382516_545840728854822_211470017014819613_o  

Always passionate about beautiful things for the home, I would scour through magazines reading every fine detail.  Falling in love with the homewares on each page of the magazine, I often wondered why I couldn’t find these locally and always dreamed of opening my own homewares shop.

After having my two boys and building my own home, I met Donna who told me all about the Hunter Design School.  I was immediately interested and decided to follow my dream and enrol in the Certificate of Colour and Design back in 2009.  I then continued on to complete Colour Planning and Consulting and Interior Design. During my 3rd year, as part of the Interior Design course, I set out my business plan and vision and established my business, Chrysalis Interiors.

 69323_171502122875972_7852350_n 76978_587271607965686_244257970_n

After a few years of consulting and styling, Chrysalis Interiors became Chrysalis Interiors and Homewares and I opened my first lifestyle retail shop in my home town of Redhead in March 2014. I was quite particular about what I wanted… no shopping centre or strip, just a cute little building I could transform.  Its funny actually,  as part of the Colour Planning course one of the projects was to draft a colour scheme for our own shop and if I look back at the picture now it is almost exact to what Chrysalis looks like.

nic nicole redhead

I currently stock a varied array of furniture, homewares including cushions, throws, artwork and home decor.  I have a small clothing range and also stock jewellery and accessories.  I strongly promote local designers, artists and craftspeople and have a number of unique products in my shop from local creatives.  I love the feedback that I get from my customers who are now coming from far and wide and spreading the word that Chrysalis is a great one stop shop for gifts and homewares.

 nicole98994014540794_n nicole 2

We also offer an interior design and styling service from the shopfront.  This, for me, is the most exciting part of the business as I am able to now source some amazing  products from large furniture pieces to cushions and lighting and help peoples vision for their home come alive.  The knowledge I gained  from my studies now assist me on a daily basis from colour placement and presentation in the shop to my interior design and consultancy business.

Chrysalis Interiors and Homewares is located at 1/18 Steel Street, Redhead and is open daily from 10am.  

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

New Collection from South Pacific Fabrics

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South Pacific Fabrics are excited to announce, the arrival of the 2014 collection from SAHCO



Future Folklore is a collection inspired by traditional folk elements and futuristic design.

Detailed pattern and sophisticated form can be seen everywhere, from the geometric upholstery to the cross-stitch seen in the elegant draperies.

FutureFolklore_Bahia_detail FutureFolklore_Mayu_1

LaTraviata_Alfredo Wallcovering_Belfiore_2





Contact South Pacific Fabrics to arrange a showing of this contemporary collection or view the collection online 



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Luke Burrell is a director of Mezzanine, a very talented conceptualiser and designer, he started his creative career at a very early age inventing, building and taking things apart. For over 14 years Luke has been running this successful strategic-creative studio in the heart of Newcastle working on creative strategies for local, national and international small business, large corporation and government.

Luke is a perfectionist with an unconventional mindset. Over the past decade he has inspired and implemented many initiatives within the creative industry, including co-founding Final Post, helping form the Hunter Design School, and recently building Innx: Innovation Exchange. He has an unusual ability to know the way forward without a compass, and he sees potential in everything, which is what makes him so good at what he does. As he would say, “To be an innovator you have to be a dreamer, and to be a dreamer you have to think differently”.

Luke is not only passionate about graphic design but also for architecture and interiors design. He has plans and a dream to one day build a sustainable home that’s both practical and beautiful.  He has an amazing little family with his wife Carla, son Milo (3 years old) and daughter Lotte (1 year old), who are continually dreaming about the perfect eco home….and some sheep.

luke and carla


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Local designer, Shane Delonix is excited to be embarking in his own extraordinary project in Carrington.

Shane has worked as a graphic designer for close to 20 years in both publishing and advertising. Having also studied interior design and fine arts, he has now designed and will be undertaking the project management role for his latest project.


His proposed development is for a small two storey terrace style house that is reminiscent of a miner’s cottage in the inner-city suburb of Carrington.
With memories of that dreadful June long weekend, the 2 bedroom house has been raised off the ground to keep it above flood levels. Not wasting any area, he has used the space underneath for storage and a rain water tank.


Taking into consideration privacy, outlook and direction of natural light, windows have been placed well above the height of most adults. They will catch the light without seeing into the neighbour’s house or yard.
He plans to plant a mass screening of trees and native plants to provide further privacy and create an intimate outdoor area.


Shane’s gathers his inspiration from the local area and natural textures, creating absolute beauty to awaken himself and others.

We are so excited to see the completion of Shane’s latest project.

If you would like to know more about how Shane can help you with your design, contact him on (02) 4358 8811 or shane@feng.com.au

NEW Wide Board Timber Wall Panelling

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Porter’s timber panelling is ideal for internal ceilings and walls, commercial fit outs, protected external alfresco ceilings, residential or commercial.

The boards are perfectly flat with no visible fixings, lightweight and with the versatility, beauty and durability of European Oak.

Drift Wood Finish

These timber panelling are a luxurious 189mm wide and 10mm thick (comprising a 2mm European Oak overlay over 8mm ply) for excellent insulation and noise protection. And can be applied over studs or existing wall board, such as plaster or plasterboard.
Porter’s have been specialising in paint finishes for over 30 years, with innovative floor finishes being no exception, and now they can offer exquisite custom finishes that are difficult or not possible to do on site.

Barn Black Finish

When compared to solid timber floorboards, the longer spans give a smoother more seamless finish, and the superior engineering eliminates “cupping”, a warping problem that can occur in solid timber, especially in wider widths. Engineered timber floors are extremely stable and many of the problems that effect floor laying, such as drying, shrinkage and moisture expansion, are eliminated or reduced.

To see more visit www.porterspaints.com

Earp Bros go Green

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Earp Bros is now Australia’s first & only green certified tile supplier.

After having the company and tiles audited by Ecospecifer, they have achieved a Global Green Tag level “A”. This means their flooring materials rate in the top 1% of any industry with a Life Cycle Analysis rating of GoldPlus.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that you can choose environmentally responsible wall and floor tiles with ease, knowing they have been audited and managed by a reputable company. While the planning of a green building is important, it’s critical to consider its ongoing sustainability and its environmental and human impact – now green buildings can be constructed using accredited tiles as a green building material.

For more info or to see the collections visit them at earp.com.au or 79-81 Parry Street, Newcastle West


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Fallingwater is a living breathing house in perfect harmony with its setting. Through thoughtful design that is seamlessly integrated with its natural setting, the building, the furnishings and the surroundings become cohesive parts of one unified, interrelated composition.

Image Source: Cagatay Yanar

The Kaufmann family’s love for Bear Run’s rushing waterfalls inspired the architect to envision a residence placed not across from the stream, as the Kaufmann’s were expecting, but directly over the falls where they could live within the nature they surrounded.

Frank Lloyd Wright was said to be in the twilight years of his career aged 70, this gave him the opportunity to re-emerge on the architectural scene with the design and construction of three buildings. His three great buildings of the late 1930’s were Fallingwater, The Johnson Wax Building and Herbert Jacobs house in Madison.

Image Source: Amnesta.net

The lines and curves of the house on the falls flowed fast and furious from Wrights pencil, echoing a natural pattern established by its rock ledges. Wright placed the house over the falls in a series of cantilevered concrete ‘trays’ anchored to a central stone chimney mass quarried from the same local Pottsville sandstone as the rock ledges.

Image Source: Lee Sandstead

Integration with the setting extends even to small details. For example, where glass meets stone walls there is no metal frame; rather, the glass and its horizontal dividers were run into a caulked recess in the stonework so that the stone walls appear uninterrupted by glazing. From the cantilevered living room, a stairway leads directly down to the stream below, and in a connecting space which connects the main house with the guest and servant level, a natural springs drips water inside, which is then channeled back out. Bedrooms are small, some with low ceilings to encourage people outward toward the open social areas, decks, and outdoors.

Image Source: Lee Sandstead

The construction of Fallingwater ended in the fall of 1937, when the Kaufmann family began using the house as a weekend retreat. A guesthouse was later added to accommodate larger groups of friends where they could share the beautiful woods, cold plunges under the falls and the large terraces.

Image Source: Coaheshotseat.com

Discover more at www.fallingwater.org 

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT Lathem Kitchens & Interiors

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Latham Kitchens offer a full design and manufacture service encompassing not only Kitchens but Outdoor Kitchens, Laundries, Vanities, Custom made Furniture, Entertainment Units and Wardrobes.

All custom built in their Warners Bay factory and individually designed for you by an award winning design team.

An established family business, their company has expanded over the years due mainly to recommendations from their many satisfied customers. Though they have grown to a staff of ten we have deliberately kept our focus on the most important part of our vision, custom made cabinetry created for each individual client.

They build all our cabinetry in their Warners Bay workshop from the highest quality materials including the new E zero environmental friendly whiteboard (zero emmisions) all designed and manufactured to fit your space. No design is every repeated as every client’s needs and wants are different.

A respected member of Housing Industry Australia (HIA) , Lathams Kitchens have received numerous awards for both manufacture and design. Their proudest moment was receiving the HIA Australian Award for Kitchen Project of the Year.

They are recognised within the industry as possessing the ability to create and manufacture custom designs to suit all tastes, budgets and lifestyles.  They hold the current title of HIA Kitchen Designer of the year, an award they’ve consecutively won for the past three years.