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Handlettering Workshop

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Saturday 15th November 2014 :: 10am–5pm
With Wayne Thompson
Hosted by Hunter Design School
handlettering handlettering2
With an emphasis on doing rather than watching, we will introduce you to the world of expressive handlettering. You will start with some theory of humanist construction in type, followed by inspiring examples and discussion. You will then be plunged into a series of drawing exercises designed to improve your understanding of type. The afternoon allows you to create your own unique handlettered piece under the direct instruction of Wayne.
COST: $220.00 inc GST

For registration or more information, visit:

handlettering4 handlettering3

Fascinated by letters since he was a teenager, Wayne began with rub-down lettering and worked as a signwriter, photographer and journalist before settling into the design profession in the late 1980s. After 17 years as Art Director in several advertising agencies, Wayne now works full-time as a type designer and teacher. Wayne’s long term aims are to always learn more about typography, and hopefully contribute an Aussie flavour to the world of type design.


SPOTLIGHT Islander Pendant Shade

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Natalie Long, owner and creator of Bowerhouse, is inspired by her own journey to discover her passion and doing the things she loves best…travelling, collecting and creating.


Natalie has designed and curated a collection of rattan products, including this oversized rattan Islander Pendant Shade.


                                product_image_islander_pendant-2__xlarge       b63f8f9973c863aa27e195c2d1404847

As she traveled the rural areas of Indonesia, Natalie found her inspiration for the Islander Pendants from the traditional rattan baskets and pendants she discovered. Collecting some old baskets, she worked with the artisans to come up with the form and structure for her pendants.


               product_image_campaign_barrel_side_table_wenge__xlarge      product_image_island_baby_pendant_light_black__xlarge 

Working in collaborations with the artisans in villages of Java Indonesia, her rattan designs are a mix of vintage decor paired with a modern aesthetic, utilising traditional craftsmanship. 

Bowerhouse aims to help you love the way you live and create a home filled with treasured items to inspire and bring joy. 

Check out more from Natalie at bowerhouse.com.au

Hunter Design School Open Day

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Interested in knowing what it is really like to be apart of Hunter Design School? 

The Hunter Design School Open Day will give you the chance to explore and discover your creative future. 


EXPLORE HDS purpose built, brand new, exciting studio spaces

DISCOVER what you could achieve through our current and past students projects

MEET our current and past graduates, gain an insight into what they are doing and where they are going.

GET CREATIVE join the journey of design through paper folding

BE INSPIRED as we hear from leading local interior design and HDS principal, Donna Burrell, as she shares her journey and how your journey can begin


WHEN Saturday 30 August from 9am – 4pm


WHERE 67 Parry St Newcastle West


RSVP hello@hunterdesignschool.nsw.edu.au or register here as part of the design+ event 


for more info, please call 02 4915 7007 or contact us below


Contact Us

Guest Blogger Tamara Benham

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For those of you out there who may be Block-heads, either unashamed or closet, you may have noticed the emphasis put on the appropriate height to hang pictures. 

Anyone who knows me or has ever had a conversation with me regarding pictures knows that this is a huge point of frustration with me.

So here are some of my tips as to how and where to hang artwork and pictures in your home or office, including height and location.



How & Where To Hang Artwork/Pictures   Height & Location

Pictures should be at eye level. This means the picture/object should be hung so the centre line or horizon line (if it has one) sits between 1400-1500mm off the floor. This will mean the artwork sits comfortably within the space without having to strain, crook or crane one’s neck to view it. It also means it is accessible to look at closer at the detail in the picture.



How & Where To Hang Artwork/Pictures   Height & Location

How & Where To Hang Artwork/Pictures   Height & Location


If you are hanging more than one picture of varying sizes or differing horizon lines, start with your strongest/largest/centre piece, determine it’s height and hang the others to match.

If they are all the same size, in most cases, they should hang at the same height.

If they are differing sizes, work on their center lines lining up horizontally as a starting point and then tweak from there.

Keep the gaps between each picture to less than 200mm to maintain a connection, even closer if it is a single image split into multiple panels (eg. triptych)



How & Where To Hang Artwork/Pictures   Height & Location

Create a connection with a piece of furniture. Keep in mind the eye height rule and don’t just try to centre it between the piece of furniture and ceiling. The picture can end up hanging quite close to the top of a piece of furniture and, alas, once you put items on top they may even overlap the picture! Not a problem. This creates a nice relationship in your arrangement between furniture, picture and decorator items such as a lamp or vase.




How & Where To Hang Artwork/Pictures   Height & Location

Leaning pictures on top of shelving, TV units, sideboards, bedside tables and even the floor can be very effective. Especially with large pieces that manage to fill the wall space nicely.

Multiple pieces along with lamps, sculptures, books etc can be clustered on a surface to create a story.



Do not hang according to the height of doorways/windows/ceilings.

Do not try to centre the item between the ceiling and a piece of furniture

Try to avoid positioning a gap between pictures in the centre or eye line height of the arrangement. Your eye will subconsciously be drawn to this gap rather than the artwork itself. This is why using an odd number of pictures rather than even is often a better choice.


Tamara Benham is the other half of Gusha. 

Gusha is a print specialist located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, producing vibrant canvas prints and acrylic face-mounted prints. 

Photographer Angus Benham is the guru in coastal photography from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the NSW coast and southern QLD coast. 

Check out their work here


New Collection from South Pacific Fabrics

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South Pacific Fabrics are excited to announce, the arrival of the 2014 collection from SAHCO



Future Folklore is a collection inspired by traditional folk elements and futuristic design.

Detailed pattern and sophisticated form can be seen everywhere, from the geometric upholstery to the cross-stitch seen in the elegant draperies.

FutureFolklore_Bahia_detail FutureFolklore_Mayu_1

LaTraviata_Alfredo Wallcovering_Belfiore_2





Contact South Pacific Fabrics to arrange a showing of this contemporary collection or view the collection online 


Experience Japan

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After an exciting 10days touring Japan, our students are bubbling with tales of exotic foods, perfect design and architecture, stunning scenery plus a little retail therapy and misfortunes. 

PLUS an extraordinary guest speaker, Stephen Scrogings, who will be sharing with us on ‘The Mysteries of Japan and Art’


Come experience their adventures through their stories and colourful photographs.




Be sure to reserve your seat hello@hunterdesignschool.nsw.edu.au


Hunter Young Professionals

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hyp logo

Hunter Young Professionals (HYP) provides opportunities for young people to network in a business environment, gain new management and leadership skills, interact socially together and support the local community, so that they can develop as the business leaders of tomorrow. 

Events occur monthly and include interactive workshops, inspiring talks from prominent business people and casual social get togethers, such as a Winter Warmer dinner at the Newcastle Club each year. 

OUr next event in May tackles the big stuff over coffee and breakfast on the foreshore: buying a house, legalities you might not have considered in de-facto relationships, the foreign world of super (of the annuation kind) and writing a will (yes, even young people need them!)

Find out more about them here and don’t be shy to come along and say hi – they-re a friendly bunch!


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Luke Burrell is a director of Mezzanine, a very talented conceptualiser and designer, he started his creative career at a very early age inventing, building and taking things apart. For over 14 years Luke has been running this successful strategic-creative studio in the heart of Newcastle working on creative strategies for local, national and international small business, large corporation and government.

Luke is a perfectionist with an unconventional mindset. Over the past decade he has inspired and implemented many initiatives within the creative industry, including co-founding Final Post, helping form the Hunter Design School, and recently building Innx: Innovation Exchange. He has an unusual ability to know the way forward without a compass, and he sees potential in everything, which is what makes him so good at what he does. As he would say, “To be an innovator you have to be a dreamer, and to be a dreamer you have to think differently”.

Luke is not only passionate about graphic design but also for architecture and interiors design. He has plans and a dream to one day build a sustainable home that’s both practical and beautiful.  He has an amazing little family with his wife Carla, son Milo (3 years old) and daughter Lotte (1 year old), who are continually dreaming about the perfect eco home….and some sheep.

luke and carla

2013 Christmas Designs

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Our 2013 Certificate IV in Design students had loads of fun designing and printing a Christmas Tea Towel. 

After developing their designs, they worked through the process of cutting stencils, mixing paints, arranging placement and finally screen printing them onto beautiful linen tea towels. There was plenty of mess and experimenting, whilst valuable lessons were learnt from the placement, colour mixing, team work and the importance of a dry clean screen. Everyone had so much fun and the results were amazing. 


Having designed and produced amazing products, the tea towels were taken to The Olive Tree Markets, where both products and students joined PlumTart textiles in selling their wares.

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased an original Christmas tea towel, but it doesn’t stop there!  All profits have been given to Compassion where it will be used to support Compassion’s Critical Interventions. This will assist Compassion in removing any obstacles that stand in the way of a child’s healthy development and their ability to reach their full potential.


We also congratulate Lesley Regnis on winning the ‘People’s Choice Award’ for her ‘Bush Christmas’ Design.

Here are a few of the other designs…

 Kirsty Evans Arlene Rowland Donna O'Connor Jessie Koos Adam Cairns Julie Kosy Robyn Hayter Stuart Janes



2013 Award Winners

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We are so proud of all the students who completed their studies in 2013.

The standard of work was outstanding, which made it incredibly hard to choose the award winners.


So for 2013 our award winners were….

Excellence Award for Cert IV in Design – Julie Kosy

Achievement Award for Cert IV in Design – Lesley Regnis, Alison Hill and Courtney Taylor

Encouragement Award – Kirsty Evans and Adam Cairns

Me Me Design Award – Alison Hill

People’s Choice Design Award – Lesley Regnis


Excellence Award in Colour Planning and Consulting – Ana Saiao

Achievement Award in Colour Planning and Consulting – Arna Sleishman


Excellence Award in Interior Design and Styling –  Ana Saiao

Achievement Award in Interior Design and Styling –  Tanya Harley

Encouragement Award – Juliana Martin

Kitchen Design Awarded by Lathems Kitchens – Charmon Deen

Dual Diploma Scholarship Awarded by Bristol Paints – Courtney Taylor