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I’ll say it, I love Minimalism. It’s a design style that encourages a lifestyle. It’s not for everyone, but it works it’s magic on people feeling a little weighed down by All. The. Stuff. Fear not cushion lover. Minimalism is a style that can be adapted to suit your current lifestyle, including your plush pillows.



To get started on your new minimalist interior (and life!), there is an essential step: the clean out. Getting started is the hardest part. Set some guidelines for what you will and won’t keep. The two most important rules most minimalists adopt are: does this item bring me joy or is this item useful? If the item can satisfy one or more of those criteria, it stays and, on the flipside, if it doesn’t satisfy the criteria, it’s got to go! There’s so much satisfaction in knowing that your home is a carefully curated sanctuary, perfectly reflecting your needs and interests.



Minimalism isn’t about throwing away all your earthly possessions and feeling deprived. You absolutely should keep the items you love but ensure that items you don’t cherish anymore (or didn’t even to begin with) aren’t sticking around and weighing you down. Invest in quality pieces that you can see yourself keeping for 20 years. Sure, the initial outlay of money is greater, however choosing a style that is simple (and most importantly, that you love!) will ensure longevity and work out more economical in the long run. 


To get the most out of your newly refreshed space, keep the colour palette simple and cohesive. Note: this doesn’t rule out colour. Greys, blues and greens work a treat in minimalist interiors as they are calming, but still somewhat visually stimulating. Keep your furniture quite neutral in colour, adding colour by using art and soft furnishings. 



Minimalist interiors can be interpreted as cold or harsh without the addition of the right soft furnishings. Adding colour and texture using soft furnishings will create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. The right balance of textiles is essential as if you use too many in the space, it’s not really minimalist anymore. Carefully edit the space but keep in mind the need for texture and warmth.


I love to read so I love my books and the way they look. I find comfort in having them in my home.

Minimalism isn’t about owning nothing, its about valuing all your possessions and knowing they add to your life rather than burden it. Keep your spoon collection or your Superhero Figurines. These items tell a story of who you are and what you love, so feature them in your home.

Ultimately, minimalism is a choice to live life with less to enjoy more time with the things (and people!) you love. 


Research and written text by Kate Batten


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Wallpaper has been making strong head waves over the last couple of years. It is not uncommon to open any design magazine and find several feature homes with wallpaper. This is possible due to the move away from very modern, white homes to more texture and organic elements. Wallpaper is very durable and comes in array of many designs and colours to suit everyone’s tastes. It is great for playing with scale, colour, space, balance and texture. Just like paint it is always a good idea to get a sample and put it up in place to get a feel for the final finish

When picking wallpaper there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind. Here are some questions to help guide you.

– What space is the wallpaper to be featured in? Is it big or small? How tall are the ceilings? A whole wall, room or just a nook?
– What is the use of the space?
– What colours already exist in the room and what is the look and feel of the existing interior?
– What is the final effect that is to be achieved? Dramatic or calm?
– Is the pattern to be bold or subtle, geometric or floral?
– How much light is in the room? Both from natural and man-made sources?

Questions for the manufacturer

– Is the edge of the wallpaper hand or machine cut? This effects how it is hung and the quantity
– Is it recommended to use a lining paper?
– Roll size, width and length?
– Size of pattern repeat?
– Price?
– Availability?

There are many wallpaper manufactures on the market. Below are just a sample of the huge range of companies.
Publisher Textiles
Signature Prints
Graham Brown
Ferm Living


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Interior Design and Colour Consulting is a growing industry and offers such a diverse range of opportunities for you to work and enjoy your creativity. . .

Join the Hunter Design School on an exciting and creative journey, whether it be to construct a portfolio, enter further studies in a range of design disciplines or a new career in Interior Design and Colour Consulting. In 2014 Hunter Design School will be offering courses in ‘Certificate IV in Design CUV40311’, ‘Interior Design’ and ‘Colour Plannng and Consulting’, and various short courses throughout the year.
Encouragement and guidance are the forefront of our training programs, giving our students the opportunity to explore their own individual talents and interests in a caring environment.