Xanthe Mendoza

Founder of Be Bold Design

“Dare to be… BOLD”

Coming from a wealth of experience, Xanthe has worked across every platform as a designer. With a degree in Visual Communication Design from Billy Blue in Sydney, Xanthe would freely tell you that she attributes most of her mastery in the craft from working alongside Australia’s best creative minds in events, media, marketing, advertising, design and online multi-platform development and strategy. As an integral creative contributor to many of Australia’s leading and most reputable brands, Xanthe’s expertise can be seen from corporate, retail entertainment, destination, education, manufacturing and not-for-profit industries.
For Xanthe it boils down to five things; 1. Be on the forefront of industry trends 2. Develop successful strategies 3. Deliver high quality work 4. Get results 5. Have happy clients.

Extremely passionate and dedicated, and maybe a bit eccentric, Xanthie not only delivers to her clients but inspires out students to do things differently and move beyond what could be seen as the norm.