Luke Burrell

Creative Director – Mezzanine and White Magazine

“Focused on people and Human Centred Design”

Luke is, at his core, a family and community man, and a passionate creative thinker. It’s this nature that compels him to respond to business and social issues with unconventional, insightful and people-centred solutions. Luke embodies the ideal combination of idealism and pragmatism: dreaming, drawing out potential and casting vision, while being the first to get his hands dirty putting ideas into practice with renowned perfectionism.

As the creative director for Mezzanine, Luke has inspired and implemented many initiatives within the creative industry over the past decade, including starting WHITE Magazine, co-founding Final Post, and just recently building the creative community INNX. He has an unusual ability to know the way forward without a compass, and he sees potential in everything, which is what makes him so good at what he does.

Luke believes in creating and being extraordinary, you have to pursue your passions with blind ambition, work hard, set your mind and hands to pursue excellence, do more with less, make the most of what you have and above all, have fun doing it. 

WHITE Magazine